Care Guide

Each one of our beautiful garments has been crafted using the finest fabrics and embellishments, which reflects our passion for luxury and excellence. To ensure you get the best from your purchase please treat your investment with care and follow the care label that can be found inside each garment. Taking proper care of your garments can add years to their lifespan, which is great for both the environment and your wardrobe.

Hand Washing
Before washing remove any detachable trims or harnesses. We recommend hand washing all our garments, using natural detergents and at a low temperature; we suggest no higher than 30°. Avoid rubbing and immerse in water for a short time only. When drying, do not wring or use a tumble dryer. Instead, roll the garment in a clean towel to remove any excess water.

We recommend lying your garment out flat and allow to dry naturally. Please dry garments away from direct sunlight and heat.

Gentle ironing is possible on some of our items (please refer to care label). If ironing a delicate fabric,  iron on the reverse, keeping the temperature as low as possible avoiding lace and trims.

Silk Care:
Always read the garment care label before attempting to clean a silk garment. We recommend that our luxury silk items are dry clean only.

Silk care tips:
  • Do not let hair sprays or perfumes get onto the silk as it will damage the fabric
  • Only iron when absolutely necessary – hang to allow creases to drop out. To minimize the need to iron silk garments, hang them in the bathroom when you have a shower as the humidity will help the creases drop out.
  • The delicate nature of this fabric means extra care should be taken while wearing with jewelry to avoid snagging and damage.